1.  Is midwifery care fully covered?

Midwifery care is free with a BC care card.  If you do not have a BC care card you can contact our office for information on the fees for private pay.

2.  Do I need a referral from a doctor to see a midwife?

No, you do not need to be referred by a doctor to see a midwife.  The quickest way to request care with our practice is to fill out the request for care form on this website.

3.  Can I see a midwife and a family physician for my pregnancy?

A woman has the option to choose either a midwife or a family physician for her pregnancy care .  The BC Medical Service Plan will not cover the costs of having a midwife and family physician together.   Should the pregnancy require the expertise of a specialist like a obstetrician or a paediatrician then the woman would be referred to a doctor at no cost.   Should a non-pregnancy related issue arise than a woman should  see her family physician.  

4.  When should I contact a midwife if I would like care?

The demand for midwifery care is very high in Prince George.  There are many months when the request for care far outnumbers the amount of midwives.  It is best to contact the midwife as soon as you have a confirmed home pregnancy test.  If you start your care with another primary care provider you can still request to transfer to a midwife at any point of your pregnancy but it may be difficult to find an available space.

5.  When do I start seeing a midwife and how often?

A majority of women will have their initial visit with a midwife when they are about 8 weeks pregnant.  Some women may have their appointment earlier due to their circumstances.  During the first and second trimester, the visits are about every 5-6 weeks.  After 28 weeks, the visits are every 2-3 weeks and at 36 weeks the visits are every 1-2 weeks until you give birth.

After the baby is born the midwife will continue to care for the mother and baby up until 6 weeks postpartum.  The schedule of visits are individualized based on the need with a minimum of 3 visits in the first week.  After 6 weeks the care of mother and baby are transferred back to your GP.

6.  How long are my midwife appointments?

The initial appointment is scheduled for an hour and all subsequent visits are scheduled for 30-45 minutes.